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At CNS we embrace the belief that children learn via meaningful engagement with their social and physical environments and that play is the appropriate vehicle through which young children develop cognitively, phyisically, and socio-economically. With young children, "if something hasn't been in the hand or the heart, it can't be in the mind." We therefore provide many opportunities for hands-on, community centered learning with rich, fundamental materials. 


The Cooperative Nursery School creates a learning environment in which children explore their own interests and construct their knowledge, and where play evolves as interests emerge. Morning circle and various community gatherings provide time for

group conversation, song and games.

"Inquiry" is a time for hands-on,

self-directed learning

experiences: art activities,

elemental exploration,

building, literature-based

experiences, and

scientific exploration.

Students' questions and

curiosity guide the flow of

our work together and the

inquiry activities and materials that we

present. Children develop the skills and

understandings that are essential to kindergarten readiness in the context of their play and interests, in an authentic manner that honors the ways that young children learn best. By respecting and supporting children's innate desire to learn, we nurture their self-confidence and abilities as learners and members of a community. 





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