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The school offers an unusual level of flexibility in student scheduling, both within a given week, and across the year as families' needs change. Your child may arrive as early as 8:15AM and leave as late as 3:00PM. The core of the day is our Morning Program, and consists of indoor and outdoor play, circle, snack and Inquiry. We also offer weekly music classes. Many children leave at noon, and a "bunch" remain for lunch and are picked up at 1pm. A smaller group stays for the full afternoon and experiences more time for small group play and learning, stories, and peaceful rest time. 


We do ask that children come at least as many mornings per week as they are years old (so at least 3 mornings per week for 3 year olds, 4 mornings per week for 4 year olds, and 5 mornings per week for 5 year olds). In scheduling, parents may choose

which mornings, as well as which additional

times of the day they would like their

child(ren) to experience. 


Tuition reflects the students'

schedule and the

family's monthly

co-oping level.


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